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Abi Freckleton
‘Made Again’
June 9th–14th July 2023

Curated by Kristian Day.

Working mostly with experimental ceramic techniques Freckleton explores time through materiality. Using deeply personal experiences, both split second moments and expansive memories, she meticulously dissects their makeup – crushing, dissolving, grinding, burning, melting enlisting processes of physical breakdown and chemical transformation to mine them for meaning. The resulting fragments, shards, fluids and powders are then re-assembled – put back together into piles of rubble that flow and fix in the kiln.

“Matter flows. All things are in a constant state of becoming and unbecoming. Materials move through and embody time and so through them we can reflect on how we inhabit time and place – on our place alongside all living (and non-living) things in the world …..My work starts with moments – moments when I have felt the flow of time acutely, when multiple times have been sensed all at once, where the deep past has existed alongside multiple future potentials, where I have felt empathy, perhaps even unity, with the spaces and things around me.”

Freckleton’s works are collages of fragmented excerpts, the chaotic ruins of moments – sculptures that teeter between the human made and natural accident. Not quite fully formed objects nor simply raw matter, they are on the verge of becoming or of dissolving away. In Freckleton’s unusual approach to ceramics traditional processes are used to break rather than make. The heat of the kiln is used to extract colours, distort surfaces and make things flow rather than simply harden forms and give them a glossy coat.