A new contemporary art space in Cambridge City centre: open by appointment and during exhibitions and events.

Hestia ‘Hestia’s Coming Out Party’
18th–19th November 2023

Hestia is a new queer-led DIY creative community in Cambridge. We aim to make spaces which enable people to nurture their skills, showcase their creativity, and feel at home. This event was Hestia’s first festival.

Across the weekend the free and family-friendly festival featured workshops, performances, music, art, installations, stalls and talks.

Exhibiting artists and groups including Ahmad Al-Bazz, Dots Not Feathers, Mrs Fubbs’ Parlour, Nadia Koo, Nat and Tiger, Gideon Pain, Pickled Roots, and Daniela Solís.

Performing artists and groups including Jill Eastland, Zareen Taj, Justa Knight, Cardamommy and Whore D’oeuvre.

Discussion: Making Room in Cambridge: Visions for Inclusive Cultural Spaces.
With local residents passionate about building community spaces in Cambridge: Rosie Cooper (Director, Wysing Arts Centre), Jo Bunkle (Rebel Rebel; Cambridge Pride), Jill Eastland (activist artist), Peach (from the Lockon).

Questions under discussion include: what are the challenges in negotiating different agendas for spaces in Cambridge? What kind of spaces are needed, and what should be the priorities? How do we use creativity and cultural exchange to develop a caring/safe community space?